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“We ditched Hubspot and switched to SalesNexus. It’s easy for us to automate our unique workflows and our sales people love it! SalesNexus’ values align with ours and we’re proud to work with them.”
-Liberty Coalition of Canada

A partner you can trust


Robust CRM Platform

Harness the full potential of our CRM to build stronger customer connections. It’s intuitive, cost-effective, and designed for your team’s success.

Seamless Lead Management

Capture leads effortlessly and manage them with ease. Transform prospects into loyal clients with a few clicks.

Sales Pipeline Clarity

Get a crystal-clear view of your sales pipeline. Make informed decisions at every stage.


Dynamic Email Marketing

Engage your audience with compelling email campaigns. Our platform makes it simple to craft messages that resonate.

Automated List Segmentation

Send the right message to the right people. Our smart segmentation tools do the heavy lifting for you.

Performance Tracking

Measure the success of your campaigns with detailed analytics. Know what works and refine your strategy.


Streamlined Workflows

Set up workflows that automate routine tasks across marketing, sales, and service. Save time and focus on growth.

Personalized Auto-responders

Keep the conversation going with automated responses. Personalize each message to make your clients feel valued.

Task Automation

Let automation handle follow-ups, reminders, and scheduling. Free up your team to do what they do best – sell.

Real Service from Real People

  • EPremium Support without the premium price.
  • EUnlimited, fast, proactive support.
  • ETurnkey, white glove setup and training.

Additional Services

Real Safety

Trust and Security
SalesNexus is dedicated to understanding your unique business, which keeps our customers coming back. We also protect your customer information like it’s our own, ensuring it remains confidential.
Your data is just that—yours. We stand firm on not selling your information or invading the privacy of you and your customers.
Free Speech
You have complete freedom in what you communicate through your emails and texts. We believe in respecting your voice and will never dictate your message.